About us

Welcome to our website,

Real estate agency „ANARA” was established in 1995. The specialists working in the agency have working experience starts since 1991 in the fields of real estate trade and financial mediation.

The main activities the agency is involved in a real estate trade, investments and financial mediation.

Real estate agency „ANARA” pays big attention to the collaboration with the colleagues in Lithuania. The agency belongs to the association of medium and small real estate agencies and it enables the agency to provide the service of high quality not only in Šiauliai and its region, but in all Lithuania as well.

Our aim is to provide the clients with the high quality service and satisfy their needs.


Please use our email nta@anara.lt or call +370 616 90699 to reach English speaking staff.



The agency sells real estate at low prices.

If the client can not find anything suitable in our database, he should fill in a client’s form and we will try to find the best offer.


The agency also assists in selling real estate.

The owner of the real estate has only to sign an agreement and the agency will help to sell it quickly and profitably (the client pays only when the buyer is found).



The firm also consults the clients about the loans for purchasing dwelling, mediates if a client wants to get a credit (security – real estate or a car).


Long time investments:
The firm assists in investing in real estate (finds a suitable object for investment, finds a solvent leaseholder for the object, prepares leas, consults). The client has only to call or fill in a client’s form.
Short time investments:
The firm assists in profitably lending money (security – real estate or a car). The client has only to inform what and for how long he is going to lend the money.